II Announcement

Advances in the Population Ecology of Stream-Dwelling Salmonids VI

Mallorca, 8-12 May 2023

Important dates TO REMEMBER:

14.04.2023- DEADLINE FOR FEE payment with the discount (details below)

Organized by

The National Museum of Natural Sciences (CSIC)

IMEDEA - Mediterranean Institute for Advanced Studies (CSIC/UIB)

Utah State University in Logan (Utah)

United States Geological Survey


Dear trout-ers, salmonid-ers, colleagues, fellows and fellaws, we are happy to announce the celebration of the «Advances in the Population Ecology of Stream Salmonids VI» to be held in Mallorca 8-12 May 2023

Welcome to the International Symposium!

Most likely, after (??) the Covid madness, all our lives have improved and when the path and the horizon are clear, we all are now boosted and willing to share the latest results of our research on “stream salmonids”. Within this troublesome period, we have not been aware of any advance on the conservation and new management strategies of salmonids even after our claims in previous meetings not even we have seen any political and/or administrative action aimed at reducing the effects of the global change despite delightful international agreements. Probably, the only positive step of the Covid has been a reduction in the exploitation rates of salmonids for a couple of years, a sort of an imposed biological ban that, in one or another away, have permitted self-protection by an unusual lack of fishing activities (i.e., a sort of “let them alone” for a while). We suspect nevertheless, that opening the barriers of the Covid restrictions will trigger a boom of fishing efforts by impassioned anglers of unpredictable consequences that may require re-ordering the fishing strategies to reduce undesirable effects.

Organizing and scientific committee


Javier Lobón-Cerviá


Local Committee

Morales-Nin Beatriz



Marta Tomaszewska


Budy Phaedra, USA


Gresswell Robert, USA


Jonsson Bror, Norway


Kennedy Brian, USA


Keshner Jeff, USA


Rassmussen Gorm, Denmark


Sanz Nuria, Spain


Vollestad Asbjorn, Norway


Guillermo Giannico, USA, USA



  • The symposium lasts from Monday 8th May to Friday 12th May 2023 (both included).
  • Venue: Univ.of Balearic Islands, Edific Sa Riera, C/ Miquel dels Sants Oliver, nº 2, Palma de Mallorca, Spain
  • The event has a limited capacity (99 participants)
  • Presentations: verbal y posters (size not more than 60x80cm)
  • Time of presentations: 20 minutes plus 5-10min for questions
  • Official language: English
  • Important: As in previous meetings we plan to publish selected presentations in a special issue of the international journal: «Ecology of FreshWater Fish».
    For any further detail please contact Phaedra Budy at: phaedra.budy@usu.edu

Registration and abstract submission

  • Registration: please fill the form below and once completed press the button SEND
  • Abstracts will be peer reviewed
  • IMPORTANT: Deadline for abstract submission: 17.03.2023


  • 400,00€ – payment until 14.04.2023
  • 500,00€ – payment from 15.04. to 07.05.2023
  • 600,00€ – payment on the symposium desk at reception

Payment should be made through bank transfer

Account details:

Number: TROUT – ES 8201 82 6716 1702 0163 2758


Bank name and address: BBVA, Av. De Guadarrama s/n. Villanueva del Pardillo, 28229 Madrid

Payment must be done in € (euro). Any extra bank fees should be charged to the sender.

    Recommendations about the nearest hotels you will find here.

    • Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday: sessions with presentations, 2 coffee breaks (included) and lunch break (lunch not included- there is a big variety of restaurant nearby)
    • Wednesday- touristic excursion to visit the beauty of the island 
    • Friday after the session – socializing dinner in a restaurant

    (Please inform us about any special diet: allergies, vegan, vegetarian diet, food intolerances, etc.) 


    1. Ecology of stream-dwelling salmonids- “book review”
    2. Salmonids in exotic environments 
    3. Advances of ecological genetics of the stream salmonids

Should you require any further information, please do not hesitate to contact us at Marta Tomaszewska: info@troutsymp.com and/or Javier Lobón-Cerviá at: jlobon@mncn.csic.es